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The MMP+ Invites Hassan Hajjaj to Cadi Ayyad University

Students from The Anglomania Club of the University of Cadi Ayyad Marrakech host a talk with Moroccan international Artist Hassan Hajjaj. The talk will be held this Thursday, 14th of March 2013 at 3pm. This event is a highlight of partnership program between the Marrakech Museum For Photography And Visual Arts and The University of Cady Ayyad Marrakech.

The MMP+ Team will provide a wide range of interactive gatherings at the university library specially created for students. This series links the youth of Marrakech with international artists while introducing photography, visual arts, architecture and design in a new way to promote Marrakech youth creativity and to encourage international exchanges. This event is also a celebration of the expanded and renovated UCAM Library. The library now contains a new Section of Fine Arts books that will be enriched by ongoing generous donations from the Marrakech Museum For Photography And Visual Arts. These donations are an important adjunct to the Library’s acquisition program, enhancing the depth of fine art/photography/architecture and design holdings in the library’s existing collection.

In its first gathering, students will meet the Artist Hassan Hajjaj, this Thursday, 14th of March 2013. The talk will be held at 3pm at the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences Library. Hassan Hajjaj was born in 1961 in Larache, Morocco and moved to London in 1975. He now works in between London and Marrakesh. His work encompasses many techniques and fields, from designing and producing furniture made from recycled North African artefacts to custom made clothes and photography.

For many of the students this journey will be a comprehensive way of learning about art and hearing about how the artist reaches a wide audience through universally identifiable symbols in his work. The artist will delight this group of students by sharing his passion for photography and for creating artusing recycled materials.

Throughout this gathering, the UCAM students will gain an additional knowledge about art but more importantly, they will gain a friend with whom they will feel comfortable sharing there artistic feelings and views.

The combination of high-quality content and distinguished student engagement will make it a memorable enrichment of the collaboration between the Cadi Ayyad University and the Marrakech Museum For Photography And Visual Arts.