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Monthly Archives: January 2015


School Group Visits

– Through the school group visits program, MMP+ offers amazing opportunities for your students to make the most of their encounters with works of art. Our educators engage students in a fun, learner-centered, inquiry-based conversation that fosters real world connections to art and culture. À

Kertesz 4-1

André Kertész (1894-1985) أندريه كيرتيز

A Hungarian Memory. Portfolio of 15, 1980. Gelatin silver prints Born Kerte´sz Andor in 1894 in Budapest, grew up in a middle class family. Andre´ Kértész life followed a westward trajectory from old world to new world, during which he was always guided by his ambition

arts in classroom

Arts in the classroom, by Youssef Nait Belaid

This workshop for elementary and middle school teachers aims to provide effective operational tools on how to use visual arts in the classroom, and how to develop linguistic, cultural and intercultural activities and skills through the visual arts. — FEBRUARY 27, 2015 At the Regional


Into the image, by Alia Ali Radman

This interactive workshop aims to explore the world of photography, its different genres, and its properties as an image, as a language and medium to sell, to document history and to manifest expression. — MARCH 7, 2015 At the Regional Academy of Education and Training

Warehouse, Water and Dock Street, Brooklyn, May 22, 1936

Berenice Abbott (1989-1991) بيرينيس أبوت

10 Photographs Portfolio, 1976.  Goldened loned gelatin silver prints // 40.6 x 50.6 cm (16 x 20 inch) Berenice Abbott’s accomplishments in the world of photography are wide-ranging and unique. As a photographer, Abbott made important contributions to the art of portraiture, visual documentary, and science photography.


Selfie, February 1 to April 30, 2015

«Selfie» is a participatory exhibition project based on the selfie phenomenon as a contemporary form of self-portraiture, as well as a symbol of the shared image. The aim of this exhibition is to delve into the pract  ice of selfie as a sign of change